Mount Sinai Healthcare

Boiler and Domestic Hot Water Upgrade

The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, located in the East Harlem community of New York City, serves as a vital resource for a diverse demographic ranging from children and adolescents to young adults, spanning ages 10 to 26. This center is dedicated to fostering well-being and provides essential support to over 12,000 patients, resulting in more than 50,000 visits annually. Remarkably, the center's impact extends far beyond its immediate community, attracting individuals from across the five boroughs, some of whom undertake lengthy round trips of up to five hours to access the specialized services offered by MSAHC, all of which are provided at no cost. These comprehensive services encompass Primary Health Care, Sexual & Reproductive Health Care, Optometric Care, Counseling, Support, Health Education, as well as Mental Health & Family Therapy.

In response to a critical operational need, Mount Sinai Hospital engaged DM Engineers to execute a vital infrastructure upgrade following a significant rainstorm event in August 2021. The project's scope centered on the replacement of the building's hot water boiler system and domestic hot water heater. This strategic initiative involved the installation of temporary boiler and domestic water heating systems, ensuring uninterrupted construction activities, even during the challenging winter season.

The project encompassed the installation of new boilers, hot water pumps, and domestic water heating equipment, along with the associated pump systems, in addition to necessary modifications to the natural gas service infrastructure. This proactive effort has safeguarded the continued functionality and reliability of essential utility systems within the facility. As a result, the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center can continue to deliver critical healthcare services to its community and the broader population it serves.

Project Details

Jun 2023
MEP Design
Mount Sinai Health System
22,334 SF

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