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MEP Upgrades

The Row Hotel, previously known as Hotel Lincoln, has a rich history as one of Manhattan's largest hotels when it originally opened on February 13, 1928. Today, the hotel is undergoing development, and DM Engineers has been engaged to provide essential consulting services to support the facilities team in their efforts to enhance and modernize this historic property.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by DM Engineers involved the development of design documents for the cooling of the penthouse offices and the main elevator machine room, ensuring compliance with local building codes. This work encompassed the creation of a dedicated cooling system, electrical upgrades, and the installation of fire alarm devices to enhance safety and comfort in these critical areas.

As part of a broader capital program, DM Engineers addressed the need to cool and ventilate each of the elevator cabs throughout the building. Collaborating closely with the elevator manufacturing company, they customized a solution tailored to the unique architectural features and requirements of this historic building, ensuring the comfort and safety of guests and patrons.

In the final phase of this initiative, DM Engineers took on the task of developing engineering plans to renovate the hotel's first-floor bar and lounge area. This renovation aimed to expand the seating and bar area, providing a modern and inviting amenity for guests. The scope of work included the redesign of the HVAC system, sprinkler system, and fire alarm system to ensure that the renovated space met contemporary standards and provided an enjoyable experience for visitors.

Through their multifaceted involvement in this project, DM Engineers has played a crucial role in preserving the historical significance of The Row Hotel while modernizing its infrastructure and amenities to meet the needs and expectations of today's guests.

Project Details

August 2019
MEP Design
Row Hotel

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