Interfaith Medical Center

Essential Emergency System Upgrade

The Medical Center is a comprehensive community hospital that provides both inpatient and outpatient healthcare services to the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn and its surrounding areas. The existing Interfaith Medical Center (IMC) occupies approximately 475,000 square feet and is comprised of four buildings: The Main Building, North Building, South Building, and East Building. Each building varies in age and condition, with the North Building dating back to 1925, the Main Building constructed in 1972, the South Building (including the 1st-floor Emergency Department portion) built in 1998, and the East Building erected in 2006.

A collaborative effort involving DLR Group, Fu Wilmer, Cosentini Associates, and DM Engineers was undertaken to develop the architectural and engineering design for the new Essential Emergency System (ESS) Risers and Closets at Interfaith Medical Center (IMC).

Previously, IMC had a single branch of emergency power distribution throughout the facility. The creation of the new ESS was necessary to bring IMC in compliance with current codes, address the replacement of aging and outdated electrical equipment, accommodate future load growth, and enhance the overall reliability of the hospital's electrical power system. As part of this project, DM Engineers was responsible for developing the engineering design for all the necessary decant spaces required to create the electrical risers. This effort included considerations for intensive care units and medical spaces, ensuring that the new ESS met the critical needs of the hospital.

The project aimed to modernize and fortify IMC's electrical infrastructure, ensuring the facility's ability to provide essential services and care to its community while meeting contemporary standards and regulations.

Project Details

June 2022 (Projected)
MEP Design
One Brooklyn Health System
475,000 SF

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