410 Park Avenue

Chiller Upgrade

The previous chiller plant for the 236,665 square foot (SF) commercial property was equipped with a 750-ton Trane absorption chiller. However, due to the absence of redundancy in the system and its limited capability to operate efficiently at low loads, the property owner decided to seek a more adaptable, reliable, and energy-efficient solution.

To address this, DM Engineers was contracted by the property manager to provide an economically viable and dependable engineering solution. The chosen approach involved the specification and installation of a new chiller plant comprising two Daikin Magnitude magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers, each with a cooling capacity of 375 tons. These chillers demonstrated exceptional energy efficiency and delivered excellent performance under partial load conditions.

Furthermore, the project necessitated the creation of a specialized rigging path to transport the chillers to the basement. DM Engineers collaborated closely with both the chiller manufacturer and a structural engineer to customize tubing arrangements, enabling the equipment to be lowered through a passenger elevator.

The electrical engineering scope of work encompassed the removal of all feeders that previously served the existing chillers and drives. These were replaced with a new electrical service and transformer to accommodate the increased electrical load of the newly installed equipment. This upgrade ensured the seamless integration and reliable operation of the new chiller plant while improving overall energy efficiency and system redundancy.


Project Details

December 2019
Global Holdings
236,666 SF
$1.1 million
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection Structural

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