YMCA Bronx

DM Engineers PLLC was retained to upgrade the site’s Natatorium HVAC systems by implementing the new temperature and humidity control technology developed by Efficient Air Systems Inc. The primary focus was to control temperature and humidity while decreasing the high levels of tri-chloramine build-up in the room.

The proposed system implemented new technology that provides more room air changes while maintaining an energy-efficient system through a closed-loop heat pipe and without a need to use mechanical cooling.

Scope of work included the selection of the new dedicated outdoor air system, retrofit to the existing ductwork configuration, natural gas connection for the unit-mounted furnace, fire alarm device relocations, powerpoint of connection coordination, structural reinforcement design, ventilation index verification and coordination for in house Direct Digital Control (DDC).

DM Engineers worked side-by-side with the mechanical and electrical contractor to coordinate the phasing plan and rigging logistics for the site. Additionally, DM Engineers spearheaded the process with NYC DOB Office of Technical Certification and Research (OTCR) technical certification in order to attain approval on the newly proposed equipment.

410 Park Avenue

The previous chiller plant for this 236,665 SF commercial property utilized a 750 Trane absorption Chiller. However, not having redundancy on the systems, and its low load operation flexibility, forced the owner to pursue a flexible, reliable and low energy solution.

DM Engineering was engaged by the property manager to provide a cost-effective and reliable engineering solution. The specified and installed new chiller plant involved two double compressors Daikin Magnitude magnetic bearing centrifugal 375-ton chillers which proved to be extremely energy-efficient with excellent part-load performance.

The project also included a rigging path to the basement. DM Engineers worked with the manufacturer and structural engineer to customize the tubes in order to rig the equipment down a passenger elevator.

The electrical engineering scope of work included the demolition of all feeders serving existing chillers, and drives, and replacing them with a new service and transformer to accommodate the new equipment load.

Bodegón de la Candelaria

This is the first project looking for green sustainability within the colonial town of Cartagena de Indias. This complex enclosed three landmark colonial buildings, which will offer commercial and residential spaces for enjoyment of tourists and locals.

The complex will secure optimal temperature comfort for the end-users, via multiple state–of–the–art engineering systems such as dedicated dehumidifier ventilation system, photovoltaic cells, waste heat recovery and programmable setback temperature controllers, which will take care of each drop of energy in this historical complex. 

Inwood Bar And Grill

Inwood bar and grill, is the biggest sports bar in Upper Manhattan, including a private hall. DM Engineers is part of the design and construction team to undergo its 7,500 SF expansion for additional capacity.

The scope of work for this project includes the support of excavation, underpinning, structural design, fire protection system extension, electrical/fire alarm service, and new HVAC system design for outdoor/indoor concept. Our design approach will allow the owner to remain active while construction is underway. This project is currently in the final design phase and will be constructed in the next couple of months.

Marina Santa Cruz




This complex enclosed three commercial buildings, which will offer a restaurant, a yacht dealer, and multiple retail stores for the enjoyment of tourists and locals. The complex will secure optimal temperature comfort for the end-users, via a dedicated dehumidifier ventilation system, smart VRV system, waste heat recovery, and programmable setback temperature controllers, which will make this complex as sustainable & efficient as possible.