Suny Downstate Medical Center

HVAC Upgrade

Performed required mechanical code inspections for the DLAR and IAVI HVAC Upgrades and BSB. Systems inspected included:

1. 600-ton Central Chiller Plant addition of water cooled electric centrifugal chiller, pumps, valves, etc. in the existing chiller plant.
2. Replacing the existing fuel oil transfer pump set and associated controls with new fuel oil transfer system.
3. Modification to the existing Air Handling Units with over 40,000 CFM each.
4. Air handling unit upgrade for AHUs 1-4 which included replacement of large vane axial fan with fan array, replacement of air to air heat exchanger with glycol runaround coil heat exchanger, cooling coil.
5. Installation of a new 1000KW/1250KVA diesel engine generator.
6. Building management system conversion from pneumatic to direct digital controls.

Project Details

December 2019
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
$5 million
Capital Infrastructure
Owner’s Code Inspector

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