Queens Hospital

Data Center Suplemental Cooling & Domestic Water Heat Pump

Queens Hospital Center, also known as NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens, is a significant public hospital campus situated in the Jamaica Hills and Hillcrest neighborhoods of Queens, New York City. It is operated by NYC Health + Hospitals, a public benefit corporation of the city, and serves as a vital healthcare facility in the region.

In a collaborative effort between the New York Power Authority, Guth DeConzo, and a contracted construction team, a design-build project was initiated to upgrade the domestic water system and utilize the by-product of a heat pump to enhance the cooling capabilities of the existing data center located in the basement of the N Building at Queens Hospital Center. To execute this energy-saving initiative successfully, Interstate Mechanical joined forces with DM Engineers, combining their expertise and resources to bring the project to fruition.

The primary objective of this project was to install two heat pump domestic hot water heaters, along with all the necessary equipment, piping, and accessories, within the mechanical room situated in the basement of the N Building. Previously, the domestic hot water needs of the N Building were met through the utilization of two existing 1,000-gallon storage tanks equipped with internal steam coils. The new heat pump system was designed to eliminate the reliance on steam coils and, instead, heat the water using a heat pump mechanism. These heat pump hot water heaters were equipped with OEM plenum fans, allowing them to supply cold air to the adjacent data center located next to the mechanical room. This innovative approach served as supplemental cooling for the data center.

The project also involved the installation of new return and discharge ducts, along with associated diverting dampers, to achieve the desired supplemental cooling operation. By implementing these upgrades, Queens Hospital Center aimed to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and optimize the cooling capabilities of the data center, ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of critical healthcare services to the community.

Project Details

June 2023 (Projected)
MEP Design
Queens Hospital NYC Health + Hospitals

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