Interfaith Medical Center

Operating Room HVAC Upgrades

One Brooklyn Health System (OBHS) upgraded critical HVAC infrastructure that had been serving the four operating rooms (OR) and preoperative areas, along with the air handler unit that had been servicing the Central Sterile department at Interfaith Medical Center (IMC) in Brooklyn.

The scope of work involved the replacement and upsizing of two major air handler units, the upsizing of a 100-ton chiller to a 250-ton chiller, the installation of new chiller water pumps, automatic control systems, variable air volume boxes for the operating rooms, a clean steam generator, and the implementation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to accommodate the new equipment.

DM Engineers served as the technical expert for the client during the project. Their commissioning services included reviewing the conceptual design, collaborating during the development of construction drawings, and providing support throughout the construction phase. This encompassed the development of Owner Project Requirements (OPR), assistance to the design team during the design development phase, collaboration with the construction team to plan project phases, review of engineering plans and specifications during the design development and construction documents phases, field verification of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment installations, equipment testing, and ensuring project turnover in accordance with the design intent and owner requirements.

This comprehensive commissioning approach ensured the successful implementation of the HVAC infrastructure upgrade project at Interfaith Medical Center, ultimately contributing to improved healthcare services and operational efficiency within the facility.

Project Details

December 2023
Commissioning Agent
One Brooklyn Health System
250 Cooling Tons

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