Interfaith Medical Center

Data Center Upgrade

The Medical Center is a full-service community hospital offering inpatient and outpatient, to the Crown Heights, Brooklyn and surrounding areas. The existing Interfaith Medical Center is approximately 475,000 SF. The campus is comprised of four buildings: The Main Building, North Building, South Building, and the East Building. The age and condition of each building varies. The North Building is a 6-story building built in 1925. The Main Building is a 9-story building built in 1972. The South Building (including 1st floor ED portion) s a 4-story building built in 1998 and the East Building is a 4-story building built in 2006.

One Brooklyn Health System (OBHS) engaged DM Engineers to design the upgrade of the existing the air conditioning system located in the cellar of the main building and which serves the computer room for the building IT department and with approximately twelve racks . The data center was approximately 702 SF with outdated equipment that was not meeting the hospital standards. Our desing included an upsize of the two existing water/glycol-cooled self-contained air conditioning units (Liebert) with a down blast supply into the new raised floor cavity, and top return within the room. The dry-coolers were replaced with a redundant system. Additionally, the supplemental fan coil units serving the space were brough up to current code. DM engineers also performed the required electrical upsize to accomodate the new equipment, as well as relocatin the fire alarm and suppression system to accomodate the new layout.

Project Details

June 2022 (Projected)
MEP Design
One Brooklyn Health System
475,000 SF

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