Columbia UniversityProyecto 4

Boiler Plant Polisher & Softener Replacement

Columbia University enlisted the services of DM Engineers as an owner's project engineer to oversee a critical infrastructure project. This project involved the replacement of the condensate polisher and softener for the high-pressure boiler plant while ensuring the continuous operation of a sprawling 32-acre academic campus throughout the construction process.

The scope of work for this project was multifaceted and required meticulous planning and coordination. Initially, the project involved the installation of new condensate softeners, complete with all ancillary controls and electrical service. This step was crucial in preparing the system for the subsequent changes.

One of the significant challenges was modifying the chemical composition of the boiler water treatment to enable the switchover of equipment without negatively impacting the quality of steam generated. This required a careful adjustment of the water treatment process to ensure a seamless transition.

Subsequently, the project replicated a similar process for the replacement of the three condensate polisher tanks. Throughout all phases of the project, DM Engineers played a central role in leading the engineering and construction team. Their expertise and guidance were essential in ensuring the successful execution of this critical infrastructure project while maintaining the uninterrupted operation of Columbia University's 32-acre academic campus.

Project Details

Columbia University
$1.3 million
Owner’s Engineer

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