520 East 72ND Street

520 East 72nd Street consists of a 192,939 SF, building with an 18 story tower on 72nd Street and a 13 story tower on 71st Street. There are 252 residential units. Originally constructed in 1964, the Hospital for Special Surgery occupies approximately 5,000 SF of one floor of the building while most of it remains a multifamily co‐op. The base building mechanical systems consist mainly of a 280 ton Trane steam absorption chiller that delivers chilled water during the cooling season and a cooling tower for heat rejection.

DM Engineering was engaged by the property manager to provide a cost-effective and reliable engineering solution. The design encompassed the removal of the existing system and installation of (2) new chiller double compressor Daikin Magnitude magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers–which proved to be extremely energy-efficient with excellent part-load performance. Additionally, DM designed the upgrade to the heating hot water system and the integration of all the systems into a new building management system.

The project also included a rigging path to the basement. DM Engineers worked with the manufacturer and structural engineer to customize the tubes in order to rig the equipment

The electrical engineering scope of work included the service request for a new feed from Con Edison, demolition all feeders serving existing chillers, and replacing them with a new service and transformer to accommodate the new equipment load.

5 Pointz Towers

5Pointz is a newly constructed skyline complex located in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens. Positioned at 22-44 Jackson Avenue, this building consists of 1115 residential units spread across 48 stories, with two residential towers rising above a common 5-story podium. The property offers a wide range of amenities, including basement storage, a bike room, children’s playroom, courtyard, event room, fitness center, game room, laundry facilities, lounge, on-site parking, pet grooming and pet services, a pool, as well as racquetball and basketball courts.

The connecting podium of the complex serves multiple purposes, encompassing an enclosed commercial garage, an art gallery, and artist studios. DM Engineers, in collaboration with Praxis Work Shop Inc., played a pivotal role in the final stages of this monumental construction project. Their involvement as the applicant of record and owner representative was instrumental in securing occupancy approvals from various New York City regulatory agencies.

DM Engineers’ contributions to the project included extensive construction administration support. They assisted the project manager by clarifying construction documents, conducting site visits at regular intervals to monitor work progress and ensure compliance with construction specifications, revising construction documents as necessary, verifying contractor payment requests, and keeping the owner informed about project status. Additionally, DM Engineers aided the project manager in reviewing the construction’s status to determine substantial completion and final completion dates. This comprehensive support was vital in successfully bringing the 5Pointz complex to fruition.

90 Greene Street

DM Engineers undertook an extensive project involving the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and structural design services for a high-end luxury apartment upgrade located in the Soho area of New York City. The project featured several notable elements, including the conversion of the apartment into a duplex living space with impressive high ceilings and integrated control systems.

One of the central challenges faced during this endeavor was the need to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art engineering systems into a landmark building. This posed a unique challenge because the preservation of the building’s historical and architectural significance was paramount to maintaining its value and historical legacy.

In addition to their core design services, DM Engineers provided an extra service by conducting a comprehensive building property assessment. This assessment was a crucial step in developing a capital master plan aimed at addressing any deficiencies in the building. By doing so, DM Engineers contributed to the continued development and preservation of this historically significant property, ensuring its continued relevance and value in the future.

The Park Mansion

DM Engineers took on a pivotal role in the transformation of The Park Mansion, a historic six-story building originally constructed in 1900 by the renowned architecture firm of Janes and Leo. This architectural gem was reimagined as a luxury condominium complex, offering spacious full-floor 3-4-bedroom residences with an array of amenities, including a lobby attendant, fitness room, private storage, and bicycle storage.

The scope of DM Engineers’ involvement encompassed the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Fire Alarm design for the repurposed building, located in the heart of New York City. In terms of HVAC systems, the project featured dedicated variable refrigerant flow units, a perimeter hot water system, exhaust systems, and specialized systems tailored to serve the common areas, social spaces, and fitness room within the complex.

This project was particularly exhilarating due to several distinctive challenges and features. Firstly, the original building’s occupancy type presented unique considerations when repurposing it into a luxury condominium complex. Secondly, meeting specific ceiling height requirements posed an architectural and engineering challenge. Lastly, the project’s exceptional finish requirements demanded meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Through their expertise and commitment to excellence, DM Engineers contributed significantly to the successful transformation of The Park Mansion, ensuring that it retained its historic charm while providing modern luxury living spaces in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic cities.