Marina Santa Cruz




This complex comprises three distinct commercial buildings, each offering a unique set of amenities for the enjoyment of both tourists and locals. Among the offerings are a restaurant, a yacht dealer, and multiple retail stores. To ensure the optimal comfort of end-users within the complex, a comprehensive HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system has been meticulously designed.

The HVAC system incorporates several key features aimed at enhancing sustainability and efficiency. These features include a dedicated dehumidifier ventilation system, a smart VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system, waste heat recovery mechanisms, and programmable setback temperature controllers. Together, these components work in harmony to create an environment that not only maintains optimal temperature comfort but also minimizes energy consumption and environmental impact.

DM Engineers played a central role in the design and implementation of all aspects of the HVAC system for this complex. Their expertise ensured that the HVAC system was not only effective but also aligned with the sustainability goals of the project. The result is a sophisticated and environmentally conscious HVAC solution that enhances the overall experience for visitors and occupants of the complex while reducing its ecological footprint.

Inwood Bar And Grill

Inwood Bar and Grill, recognized as the largest sports bar in Upper Manhattan, offers a vibrant sports-watching experience. Additionally, it boasts a private hall featuring over 50 screens and live sound for various events. To further enhance its offerings, the establishment engaged DM Engineers to assist with a phased expansion of its facility.

In the initial phase of the project, our team collaborated on the development of design documents aimed at upgrading the electrical service. This phase also involved close coordination with the building department and Con Edison Company throughout the construction process to ensure a smooth and compliant upgrade.

In the second phase of the project, our engineers worked closely with the owner to create plans for extending the outdoor patio. The design of this extension included the incorporation of a retractable sky-light, resulting in a fully conditioned and renovated space that could be enjoyed year-round.

One of the primary challenges encountered by our team was the careful planning required to execute the construction while maintaining the uninterrupted operation of the business. This involved meticulous coordination to minimize disruptions to the establishment’s regular activities.

Additionally, upgrades were made to the fire protection and fire alarm systems to enhance the safety and security of the facility.

The expansion and upgrades at Inwood Bar and Grill have not only increased its capacity and versatility but have also contributed to offering an enhanced and enjoyable experience for patrons, whether they’re gathering to watch sports or hosting private events.